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We receive a core set of 15 questions every month from our clients and potential clients, and we have written these out below.  If you don’t see your question answered below, please contact us directly through either our chat at the top of your screen, or call us at our office at (305) 677-3327.

To navigate our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page please click on the question below that you would like to have answered:

  1. I placed an order for the Family Office Database; when will I receive it by email?
  2. How many family offices are included in the Family Office Database?
  3. Does the database come in Excel format?
  4. How many family offices are based in the U.S. vs. Europe?
  5. How did your team build this database? Did you receive every family office’s permission to build this resource?
  6. What is included in the combination database packages?
  7. How many family offices do you have in the states of California or New York?
  8. Does your firm provide refunds? What is your refund policy?
  9. Why are updates to the database needed so often?
  10. What differentiates your database from others?
  11. Does your firm have a family office database available for London? Can I buy a regional or state-specific database?
  12. What information is included in each of the 1,500+ family office listings? Can I see a sample?
  13. How often is the information in your database updated? When is the next update?
  14. Can I receive more updates to the Family Offices Database beyond the next updated version?
  15. What is your definition of a family office?

Question #1: I have already placed my order for the Family Office Database, when will I get it?

Answer: We confirm database sales within 1 business day of receiving the order from you. The family office database will be sent to you within Excel format via email.

Question #2: How many family offices are included in the Family Offices Database?

Answer:  There are 1,746  family offices included within our database with 3,600 contacts

Question #3: Does the database come in an Excel format? Why isn’t it available online?

Answer: The Family Offices Database is offered as an Excel spreadsheet that is sent to your email address within 1 business day of your order being processed. We deliver the Family Offices Database to you in this format because we have found there are fewer issues than with subscriptions associated with online databases. For example, with our solution, you can upload your copy of the Family Office Database to your CRM program and sort, move, or add notes to any of the contacts in our database. Another benefit of the Excel format is that you get it more quickly than if we had mailed you a disc in the mail, and you are free to keep this spreadsheet for as long as you would like. Whereas website access can be cut off any time, once you purchase our Family Offices Database you may use it in your business for years to come. To download a sample of our database, please click here.

Question #4: How many family offices do you have in Europe vs. the United States?

Answer: Here is the geographical distribution of our database, as displayed in the graph below:

  • 36.84 USA
  • 42.23% Europe
  • 8% UK (20% of the European offices)
  • 2.79% Canada
  • 10.98% Asia
  • 3.37% Middle East
  • 2.33% Australia
  • 4.28% South America
  • 0.36% Caribbean

Question #5: How did your team build this database? Why should we pay for a database that at least partially relies upon publicly available data?

Answer: Our team of two researchers and five total professionals built the Family Offices Database in two ways: by receiving permission from family offices to publish their contact details to our database and by collecting data from publicly available websites. We believe this product is worth $4,000+ to most firms working with family offices, because it would take at least 200-250 hours of research to create an internal database of family offices on your own. It took our team over 1,000 hours to build and maintain this resource, and you can now leverage our work through purchasing it on our website here.

Question #6: What is included with the database combination packages?

Answer: We have created a thorough brochure that walks you through our different packages. Please click here to access the Family Offices Database brochure. Our Combination Package starts at $3,000, which is in line with competitors. You can save the most money by buying our Combination, Investor Relations, or Institutional Capital Raising packages as described here.

Question #7: How many family offices do you have in California and New York, for example?

Answer: We get a lot of questions about how many family offices are database has within various states. For statistics on every state in the US, broken down into two halves, please see the pie charts below. Please click either graph to see a larger image.


Question #8: Does your firm provide a refund if we can’t raise assets through using this database of contacts? What is your refund policy?

Answer: While we do provide refunds for bad data, we do not provide refunds for any lack of capital raised. Data included in our database is publicly available; however, our team has spent over 800 hours compiling, sorting, updating, and organizing so that it can be easily used within almost any CRM system or as a standalone capital raising or career management tool.

Once the database has been purchased and delivered, the full value has been realized and we cannot provide a refund once the transaction has been completed. The exception to this is if we provide you with bad data; in this case, we provide an industry leading 4X pro-rated refund on all entries that contain outdated or bad data. This means if 10% of the listings contained errors, you would receive 40% of your money back.

These refunds are uncommon, but when they do occur it helps us further improve and update our listings, so we encourage you to provide us with your feedback. Version 10 of our Family Offices Database is now available; we have refined this database dozens of times to get our database to where it is now, and this level of accuracy and completeness is what makes our database valuable. Nobody else offers a 4X pro-rated refund policy on any type of family office database.

Question #9: Why are updates to the database needed so often?

Answer: The day any directory or database is created it is outdated, people change jobs, firms merge, go out of business, change business models, etc. Our team is focused on keeping our databases fresh, with new entries, and corrections made daily. We have several full time professionals who work on updating our directories so that you get high quality data when you purchase this research from our team. The Family Offices Database is updated twice a year.

Question #10: What makes your Family Offices Database solution different or better than others?

Answer: Our Family Offices Database is the only database available from a company that provides a transparent view of our team, a detailed look at the offices, contact details, and our database construction methodology. We provide this transparency and our industry leading 4x pro-rated refund policy to provide you with the assurance that we are a real company; we are registered as an LLC in the state of Florida with full-time employees and a long-term commitment to building a valuable database of family offices and other investor types.On top of those details we are the only data provider who actually works in the industry day to day, we represent over 13 families worth $100M each under contract representing over $5B in buy-side advisory mandates in the single family office space.  Please see our infographic on the Family Office Club to learn more about that organization:

Question #11: Can we purchase a database of family offices only in California, Singapore, or London?

Answer: If you are interested in a database that is targeted to a specific geographical region, please give us a call at (305) 677-3327 or send us an email to, and someone from our team will be able to assist you in determining if this is something we can accommodate.

Question #12: What information is provided for each of the family office listings in your database?

Answer: The Family Offices Database offers a collection of inclusive contact details for family offices from around the globe, with an average of three contacts per office. These inclusive contact details include the following information when available:

  • Name of Family Office
  • AUM (for 24% of the firms)
  • 2,560 Rows of Data – An Average of ~3 Contacts Per Office (Over 50,000 cells of data)
  • Contacts’ Associated Job Titles
  • Contact Phone Number & Email Address
  • Phone Number, Fax Number, & Email Address of Family Office (All 3 are present for 99%+ of listings)
  • Family Office Address That Can be Sorted by Country, City, State, or Zip Code
  • Investments/Areas of Interest (for 84% of the offices)
  • Company History & Notes
  • Website URL of the Family Office
  • LinkedIn Profile Information for 99% of the Contacts Within the Database

Question #13: How often is the information in your database updated? When is the next scheduled update?

Answer: Our database is updated twice a year, about every 6 months.  

Question #14: Can I receive updates to the Family Offices Database?

Answer: All packages are based on an annual subscription and to renew client must pay yearly subscription fees.  If you have any questions regarding this please email us at or call us during East Coast business hours at (305) 677-3327.

Question #15: What is your definition of a family office?

Answer: A family office is a holistic full balance sheet wealth management solution for the ultra-wealthy.  There are two types of family offices, single family offices and multi-family offices.  Single family offices serve one single family and typically start at $100M or $200M in assets under management.  Multi-family office wealth management firms serve many families and typically require clients to have $20M in assets before being accepted as a client.

Please click here to view an Excel-based sample of our database.