Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are SEC-registered investment companies that offer investors a way to pool their money in a fund that invests in stocks, bonds, or other assets. In return, investors receive an interest in the fund. Most ETFs are professionally managed by SEC-registered investment advisers.

No office was included that did not have at least an email or phone number.
Columns Number Percentage
Firms w/ AUM Present: 110 47.21%
Firms w/ Website Available: 222 95.28%
Firms w Investment Preferences Present: 181 77.68%
Contacts w/ Email Address: 601 98.04%
Contacts w/Phone Number: 591 96.41%
Contacts w/ LinkedIn Profile 487 93.97%
Total Number of Contacts: 613 79.45%
Total Number of Email Addresses: 1,058 100%
Total Number of Firms: 233 100%
Cells: 11,621 100%