2019 Family Office Database Listing Includes: We have currently updated this database to include 399 Additional Family Office with 520 more contacts.

As such the Family Office Databases offers a collection of inclusive contact details for 1,746 multi and single family offices from around the globe with 3,600 Contacts.

Purchase Includes – 1,746 Office with 3,600 Contacts

  • Capital Raising Book
  • Centimillionaire Migraines
  • Multi-Family Investing

Database Includes

  • 1,746 Family Offices
  • 2-3 Contacts per Office
  • 3,600 Contacts 
  • CRM Ready CSV file
  • Name of Family Office
  • AUM (for 24% of the firms)
  • 2,560 Rows of Data – An Average of ~3 Contacts Per Office (Over 50,000 cells of data)
  • Contacts’ Associated Job Titles
  • Contact Phone Number & Email Address
  • Phone Number, Fax Number, & Email Address of Family Office (All 3 are present for 99% of listings)
  • Family Office Address That Can be Sorted by Country, City, State, or Zip Code
  • Investments/Areas of Interest (for 84% of the offices)
  • Company History & Notes
  • Website URL of the Family Office
  • LinkedIn Profile Information for 99% of the Contacts Within the Database

CentiMillionaire Migraines

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